Job Posting: Area Director – Full Time

We are looking for a strategic, visionary thinker who can supervise existing staff and programs within the East Vancouver community and pioneer new programs as required.  The candidate will engage with community members, organizations and business’, both faith based and non-faith based to enable and grow the continued networking partnerships established in these programs.  This is a full time position.

The candidate should be able to….

  • Build on existing team and area strengths and assets already established
  • See the “Big Picture” with creativity and innovation
  • Support, encourage and inspire existing and new staff
  • Able to work in sometimes less than structured environments
  • Initiate new partnership contacts and foster growth in partner relationships
  • Able to resource partners to fund programs and personal salary

Key Qualifications

  • Experience working with marginalised communities/youth
  • Asset-based community development philosophy
  • Confidence in leadership skills and abilities
  • Ability to obtain and engage financial partners
  • Able to research for and write for foundation grants and contributions
  • Education in Youth Work, Social Development or Social Justice recommended

The candidate will be expected to…

  • Support existing programs and staff and “fill” in the gaps as needed
  • See themselves in this position for a minimum of 3 years to provide stability and growth opportunities
  • Have a passion for the area by residing there as well


  • Applicant should have some experience and education in youth ministry or a related field.
  • Undergraduate or graduate degree is an asset.

Apply by sending your cover letter and resume.

Posted on February 13, 2015