Give Money

One of the most remarkable things about Youth Unlimited is the dedication of our staff. Despite having to raise personal support and work tirelessly in an extremely difficult environment, our seasoned staff remain committed to pouring into the lives of youth on the margins.

Every nickel given is valued and invested back into the lives of transforming youth. Our overhead costs are unrealistically low, yet we make it work. Click here to make a donation.

Give Time

Volunteer with Us

The Greater Vancouver area is huge and diverse, with hundreds of thousands of young people residing between Chilliwack and West Vancouver.  Most of these young people, though, have one thing in common … a need for someone to connect to, helping them reach their full life potential … personally and spiritually. Do you have a passion for God AND a desire to inspire youth to be all that they can be through the love of God? Join us as a Volunteer in your community.

Contact us if you’re interested in volunteering!

Join our Staff Team

From Abbotsford to North Vancouver, our diverse ministries and programs are staffed by dedicated “urban missionaries”. Our staff step into the world of marginalized youth through programs and presence at schools, skateparks, drop-ins and wherever else God opens the doors. Want to join them?

E-mail us if you’d like to learn more!


Give Ingenuity

You have talents and you have passion. Use your creativity to raise awareness and funds about Youth Unlimited. Host a concert at your house, and give the proceed to YU.  Give up your favorite treat for a month, and tell people why you’re doing it. Invite a YU speaker to speak to your business function. Tatoo an image of Andy Harrington on your arm. Ok, maybe don’t do that. But whatever it is, you decide what, how and when. We can provide you with materials, encouragement, a speaker and plenty of high-fives.

You can be outrageous or you can be simple—just be courageous.