Brian Brown

Administrator, Lifeteams Program

I love to see the moments when young adults realize the gifts God has given them to interact with the vulnerable youth in their community.

It is this love that pushes Brian to continually get excited about his job with YU’s Lifeteams School. Lifeteams is a school for young people who want to share life and faith with vulnerable youth. The school uniquely blends academics with front-line interaction with teens.

After 17 years, Lifeteams’ grads are investing their time, energy and skill in the lives of teens across Canada and around the world.

Brian plays a big role at the school, coordinating program components, instructing classes in the program, providing care to the Lifeteams’ facility and overseeing the GYVU Apprenticeship program.

Since joining YU in 1980 and receiving his Master’s from Trinity Western, Brian has pursued continued relationships with youth through working in high schools, taking teens oversees and leading outdoor adventure trips. Brian loves to help young adults discover who God has made them to be, and how they can impact at-risk-youth on a deep level.

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