Derek Dovale

Youth Worker

I don’t think I’ve ever really grown up so I just really enjoy hanging out with young people.

Although we think Derek Dovale is a pretty interesting guy, he would say most of the fun comes from his better half, Lisa Dovale. “She’s the interesting one in our marriage, so you should probably stop here and go read her bio.”

Before joining the Surrey YU team, Derek worked at a school photography company in a variety of roles and during this time, volunteered with the youth group at his church. He is currently the youth pastor at that church as well as a youth worker for YU. His journey with YU began when he decided to have dinner with Mike Willms, another YU youth worker. “I loved what he did and I wanted that too.”

Derek’s main focus at YU is a ministry called Games Night where youth and leaders meet once a week. At Games Night, youth are invited to drop in to play video games, board games, and sports in the midsts of a caring community. He has seen firsthand how the program has created
friendships for the youth, a space for freedom from addiction, and a place to commit oneself to Christ.

“Games Night has become a second home for many youth and I’ve heard them refer to our little drop-in as family.”

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