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Ellie Forsyth

HR Coordinator - Volunteer Management Assistant

Aurelia, also known as Ellie, loves that she gets to empower volunteers and the staff who oversee them to thrive in their roles. She believes that all staff and volunteers are uniquely gifted, uniquely skilled, and absolutely precious to their Creator’s heart.

“When staff and volunteers thrive, this helps the youth they serve to thrive too!” -Ellie

In summers past, Ellie has worked at GVYU as Program Director for Jesters Theatre and, more recently, as a Youth Worker in Mission. She holds a BA in Worship Arts (TWU) and generally enjoys any creative endeavor. Her experience as a volunteer began at age 12 and continues to this day, ranging from the realms of youth ministry and childcare to music and theatre. In her spare time, Ellie is usually singing, having conversations over a cup of tea, or thinking deeply about something. You may also find her organizing things into spreadsheets, just for the fun of it!

Fun Fact: Her favourite colour is green – it reminds her of life, growth, and hope for the future.

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