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Jenn Williamson

Development Officer, Special Projects

It just took one impactful experience at a summer camp during Jenn’s childhood to foster her desire to work with YU and be a part of this life-changing ministry! Now her compassion and desire to share God’s love with others fuels her passion to connect with people of all walks of life.

Though Jenn’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit has lead her to pursue many different vocations over the years, she feels most purposeful when she can share God’s healing and love with others. Jenn has always been an avid student of personal and professional development so she’s very excited to apply her skills in communication and leadership to expand YU’s network and influence.  

Jenn is a wife, a mother and a fine art painter whose smile and laugh are highly contagious. Some of her favourite activities include listening to inspirational books & podcasts, writing, painting, creativity coaching, mountain biking and spending time with family and friends.

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