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Katrina Weesies

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Katrina is currently working towards getting her degree in Communications at Simon Fraser University and is ecstatic to have her first co-op placement with YU.  

Katrina’s passion for being a part of something larger began in 2014 when Hope Community Church needed a co-leader for its kids’ summer camp. Fast-forward to 2021, applying to co-op’s Katrina felt that same feeling with an immediate calling to YU! The communications and marketing internship with YU has provided Katrina with a safe place to nurture her creativity while giving unparalleled administration and event planning experience. She could not be more ecstatic to be a part of the YU team.

 In her free time, Katrina can be found on beachfront patios, hiking towards a lake, or lost in the aisles of her favourite thrift stores. Her passions include writing, film, fashion, and orca whales. So if you ever want to kill 2-4hrs, ask her about Wes Anderson, tips for thrift stores, or why orcas shouldn’t be in captivity.

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