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  • Abbotsford

Natalie Dahl

Youth Worker

When Natalie was a strange, awkward teenager, she saw the beautiful impact of love and encouragement from others. Now that she is older, she is committed to impacting the lives of youth, awkward or not, with the same love.

Natalie has a passion for helping kids grow in confidence and in their abilities. After graduating from Lifeteams in 2011, Natalie jumped right into youth ministry, helping foster relationships and communities of belonging and love.

An innovative and flexible spirit, on any given day, Natalie’s activities can look very different. One day it’s playing hockey, another it’s helping kids with power tools. Like all YU staff, Natalie’s goal is to enter the world the youth is in and engage him or her where they’re at.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys working with her hands— woodworking, baking, and knitting are just a few of Natalie’s ongoing projects. You can find Natalie in Abbotsford with her friends and her beloved cat, Hunka Munka.

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