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Thank you to our amazing contributors!

Anonymous - $100

Megan Mulder - $30

Daniel Coleman - $50

Sharon Mulder - $100

Anonymous - $50

Why Andrew Mulder is Sleeping Outside

I am sleeping outside to experience what it feels like to step into the shoes of poverty. I live a life of comfort and have grown ignorant of what the reality of life is for most people. It is my desire to get away from comfort for a night and raise awareness for those who do not have the luxury of a place to live, let alone a warm bed. Through this fundraiser, I hope to raise money for at-risk youth, to help ensure they have a safe place to come to and an oppurtunity to get their life together. Ultimately, I do this in service to God as this may cost me one nights sleep, but Jesus already served me at the cost of His life. The least I can do is serve Him where I can. Please choose love over comfort and donate to the good cause of ensuring the prosperity of endangered young lives.
YUnite 2023 is now over. Thank you for another incredible, life-changing year in support of our youth! Stay tuned for YUnite 2024.