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Why Cody Cote-Jackson is Sleeping Outside

I am sleeping outside to help raise awareness of the realities of youth homelessness. A few years ago, I worked with Cyrus centre ministries and was shocked by the necessity of our extreme weather shelter. Every winter we would see dozens and dozens of new faces that simply needed a warm bed and some food. In April, the homeless count found that there were nearly 700 youth (age 13-24) homeless in Metro Vancouver, and 35,000 who experience it nationwide. This is happening in our backyard, and it is important that we be part of the solution. In no way does my sleeping outside even begin to emulate what the youth actually go through, but it is an opportunity to start a conversation and raise funds for an organization that is heavily invested in the well-being of the youth in the Fraser Valley and beyond. So, please donate what you can (any little bit helps) and let's begin this Christmas season by offering a glimmer of hope to the youth of our community.