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Thank you to our amazing contributors!

Delaney Alstad - $25

Anonymous - $500

Cory and Sheri Alstad - $100

Manpreet Gill - $21

Anonymous - $21

Jon and Melanie Alstad - $100

Sandra Dobson - $100

A Reschke - $100

Pooja Maisuria - $11

Hannah Alstad - $100

Why Hannah Alstad is Sleeping Outside

For the second year in a row, I am choosing to sleep outside for one night, so that our homeless youth have a better chance at a lifetime of safety. My first sleep out was challenging, but it gave me a real glimpse and a chance to experience what over 2500 youth in my community experience every day. Organizations like Youth Unlimited work to provide safe spaces and options to support our youth who are at risk, and if I can be a small part of their mission, I know they can continue to transform lives. Would you consider supporting me and my team as we prepare for the best, worst sleep of the year?
YUnite 2023 is now over. Thank you for another incredible, life-changing year in support of our youth! Stay tuned for YUnite 2024.