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Why Heidi Houghton is Sleeping Outside

I’m sleeping outside to help fight and prevent youth homelessness.

As some of you may know homelessness is something very close to my heart and it is something I am passionate to put a stop to. My dad was homeless for a time and if services weren't made available to him he may not be here today.

Homelessness is NOT a choice. We do not all get the same opportunities in life. Have you ever asked someone on the streets what their story is? How they came to be where they are or how they are trapped by their circumstances?

I am sleeping on the streets to raise awareness for the prejudices that are so strongly associated with people without a home. I am sleeping on the streets to raise money to help provide resources so they don't have to sleep outside any more.

Please consider donating to this cause or even just sharing this link. There are too many people on the streets and people need to know about it. Let's help our fellow humans without a home!