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Why Jeff Koster is Sleeping Outside

I've worked with youth for many years a summer camp worker. Hearing of the kinds of home situations that these kids endured broke my heart. I knew that many of these kids could end up homeless or forsaken on the side of the street. In April of this year the homeless youth count in the Metro Vancouver area was nearly 700. That's 700 people between 13 and 24 without a home, without a family. Without the opportunity to enjoy so many things I've taken for granted. One of those is a simple and peaceful sleep. As a student I've always cherished the hours that I get, I've always felt I needed them to "survive" my life's struggles. These people don't have that luxury in an even more tenuous situation. So, in solidarity and to understand their plight even a little more I've decided to sleep outside on November 19th. I would greatly appreciate your support in the way of monetary donations, all the money goes to Youth Unlimited, a program that is doing incredible work and whos front liners are some incredible people. Every dollar counts and gets these kids off the streets, don't hold back these people need everything they can get.
YUnite Outside 2021 is now over. Coming soon is YUnite Outside Nov 2022