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Thank you to our amazing contributors!

Lois Penner - $100

Samara Heinrichs Prak - $50

Claire Hartl - $50

Tara Allison - $41

Irene Toews - $50

Janet Montesano - $100

Anonymous - $41

Why Kristie Voth is Sleeping Outside

On November 17th, I will sleep outside to raise awareness of the vast amounts of youth whose homes are not safe. My goal is to raise $7,000 for my role with Lifeteams School of Youth Outreach.

At Lifeteams, we equip the next generation of youth workers to provide competent care and support for vulnerable youth. Many of the youth our Lifeteams students engage with have high-risk factors for homelessness, addiction, gang recruitment, sexual exploitation, and extreme poverty. However, we know that loving and practical support can massively decrease those risks and help change the trajectory of a youth’s life.

Your donation is part of the essential prevention work to help give youth a brighter future. Thank you so much for supporting this good work!