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Thank you to our amazing contributors!

Anonymous - $50

Greg Gall - $100

Jonathan Hardock - $200

Jack Chen - $151

Caleb H - $30

Jingyi Zhang - $100

Severn Nelson - $30

Anonymous - $100

Ryan and Ashley Mitchell - $50

Why Sam Hindmarsh is Sleeping Outside

The Homelessness Services Association of B.C. reported a 32% increase of homelessness in Vancouver over the last three years.

If 10 people give $50, we can raise $500 to support at-risk youth and help youth stay off the street.

I'm sleeping out on Nov. 17th to support Creative Life, a ministry of Youth Unlimited, where my wife Bailey works as Program Coordinator. Creative Life is in need of funding to continue its ministry programming and provide a safe space for youth to express themselves through art. Their programs equip youth with real skills, experience, and build confidence, as well as give them a strong community to be part of. All of these things are essential for helping youth stay off the street, but good relationships are vital. This is something that Creative Life also provides.

Anyone could become homeless at any time and for many different reasons. Jesus spent much of his time with those that were cast out or rejected by society. By sleeping outside for one night, I am joining others in affirming the common humanity and personhood of the homeless population and supporting the ministry work of Youth Unlimited to help youth off of the street. Together, we can be part of the solution!


1) Give money! Your gifts will go directly to Creative Life
3) Come sleep out with us and get a small taste of what it is like to experience homelessness
3) Pray for Youth Unlimited staff, programs, and youth

YUnite 2023 is now over. Thank you for another incredible, life-changing year in support of our youth! Stay tuned for YUnite 2024.