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Why Samuel Verghese is Sleeping Outside

My name is Samuel Verghese. One could say I've had a fairly easy life. I've got a family that love me, the comfort of a stable job and a home over my head. Unfortunately, there are many in Vancouver that haven't experienced my good fortune. As a result this year I've decided to join youth unlimited and sleep outside for a night in an effort to raise money to battle homelessness.

The most recent homeless count found 332 youth homeless in the Fraser Valley and thousands more at risk.

On December 4th, 2020, I am joining a number of other people, to sleep outside. I would really appreciate if you can support me by making a donation. This donation will continue Youth Unlimited's active and prevention work, providing tangible help, caring support and a way out.

I'm giving up one night, so that these youth might have a lifetime. Please support me by donating generously.