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Why Laura's Sleep Out Team is Sleeping Outside

Things you may not know homeless youth are carrying…

Abuse, Trauma, Broken Relationships, Addiction, Racism, Loss, Mental Health, Grief and so much more!
In the 2016 National Youth Homelessness Survey of 1,103 homeless youth that were seen, 1 in 5 reported that they do not have someone who could help in an emergency, provide emotional support, or check in to see how they are doing. I and many others are spending One Night Outside to raise support and awareness for homeless and vulnerable youth. My work with Lifeteams is a part of changing the lives of vulnerable youth by training and sending out the next generation of Youth Workers who get to be that ONE that the 1 in 5 need. Help us send out more! We are looking to raise $5000 by December 4th. This could be 50 people who give $100 each… Will you be One?