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Why Street Life is Sleeping Outside

We are sleeping outside to help fight and prevent youth homelessness.

In March, the Metro Vancouver Homeless Count found 2,095 individuals experiencing homelessness; 189 of those individuals are youth (age 13-24). Represented in that 9% are many of the youth we interact with daily. Thousands more are at risk.

Hundreds to thousands more experience episodic homelessness and are considered precariously or inappropriately housed. According to Raise the Roof, over 35,000 youth experience homelessness through the year in Canada. Family conflict, addiction and mental health issues were cited as the biggest reasons individuals found themselves homeless.

By making a donation to our team, you are continuing Youth Unlimited’s active and prevention work, proving tangible help, caring support and a way out.

We’re giving up one night, so these youth can have a lifetime. Please support us by donating generously!