Sam Rowland: Author, Musician, Speaker, World Traveler, and Youth Unlimited Staff Member

Sam Rowland came to Youth Unlimited 32 years ago and has been with YU ever since. As Sam has grown in his ministry, he has released music, spoken and traveled internationally, reached hundreds of thousands of people in 25 different countries, and written two books. Sam’s first book, Ten People, saw over 100,000 copies distributed worldwide. His highly-anticipated second book, On the Edge of Incredible, was released on October 30, 2020!

On the Edge of Incredible is based on the premise – and the promise – that no matter where you are, where you come from, or how broken you feel your life is, you are on the verge of something incredible. The book illustrates how by living out your life in steps of faith, instead of steps of fear, you can move forward in your faith, relationships, and self-acceptance. By using real-life examples and tying in scripture and literature, Sam shows the world how to move forward past the edge, and into the incredible. 

To buy Sam’s book in print, e-book, or audio-book formats, please visit: or, orfor multiple copies at a reduced rate, email for ordering info.

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Book Partnerships

Sam’s first book, Ten People, reached people groups around the world in 5 languages other than English, being translated into Tamil, Hindi, Hungarian, Serbian and Ukrainian. On the Edge of Incredible will be translated into the same 5 languages, plus an additional 3 – German, Spanish, and Cantonese. Due to COVID restrictions, Sam will not be able to go facilitate the handing out of these books himself. That’s where you come in! For every $3 specifically donated to the book fund, one copy of On the Edge of Incredible will find its way into the hands of someone somewhere across the globe: learning about faith and their own journey, in their own language.