Education is the key to the future wherever you are in the world. The only trouble is that quality education is not always available. In Rwanda, public schools are overcrowded, teachers not properly trained and learning methods outdated. On top of that not every family has the money to provide the materials needed to send their children to school.

Kigali Christian School (KCS), a private school operated by Rwanda Youth for Christ, provides excellent education to train leaders in all fields to move Rwanda forward. The vision is to raise a generation that has a heart for peace, equality & justice. Students are empowered by the knowledge that someone loves them and believes in their future. In a society that has rejected poor children, student sponsorship has allowed KCS to offer scholarships to children who otherwise could not afford the quality education that KCS provide.

How you can get involved

Write a letter

Receiving a letter is always a special moment. A letter transports so much more than words. Taking the time to sit down and write some heartfelt and personal lines is a reflection of love. Communicating through letters builds relationship and allows for sharing in each others lives despite the distance. Writing a letter is simple. Just download our Letter template or come up with your own design. Once your done with your letter send it back to us via snail mail or email (

Write a letter to your sponsored student today and spread some joy!

Become a Sponsor

You can make a difference. It costs $720 a year to support a child’s education at Kigali Christian School. Sponsoring a child for $60 a month helps provide school supplies, excellent education by loving teachers and lunch every day for studetns who might not otherwise have a decent meal. By sponsoring one of these students, you can be part of the change, giving young people the key to their future – a good education in a loving and respectful environment.

Will you help us change the future of these children? Become a Sponsor today.

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If you have any questions or if you wish to receive a sponsorship brochure per mail, please contact us