About Youth Unlimited Langley

“Langley is a growing place year after year. More and more young people find themselves here while schools are at their capacities. It can be hard to find your place or spaces to belong to, I remember that from growing up in Langley. I saw the difficulties around me then and I see them every day now. I am constantly affirmed in the importance of meeting young people where they are at in their day to day life. Despite what others may say, there is so much hope and potential in our young people here.

–Jon Pue, Langley area director


Striving to live out our faith, you can find the Youth Unlimited Langley team engaging in the lives of young people, fostering the connections they need to thrive. YU Langley comes alongside vulnerable youth with the aim of inspiring holistic health. 

There are many diverse needs among the youth in Langley. Of whom we have spoken with:

  • 50% are from a single-parent household
  • 75% struggle with mental illness
  • 40% do not have a safe home environment
  • 75% report feeling lonely or isolated

YU Langley runs dedicated programs weekly, while also focusing on one-on-one mentorship and needs-based assistance.

Langley Campus Life serves the youth, teachers, and staff of schools throughout the Langley School District, offering emotional, relational, practical support. This is where we intersect in the daily lives of our teenagers.

Fostered through years of collaboration and relationship with the Langley School District, Campus Life has the unique opportunity to connect other youth-serving agencies with our local school communities.

Our Campus Life team fosters relationships with vulnerable youth through one-on-one mentorship and group activities both inside and outside of Langley schools.

Langley Creative Life aims to foster belonging and emotional health through the visual arts. This program supports high-school-aged youth throughout Langley, by giving them the ability to explore creativity and self-expression. Making art provides youth the opportunity to craft different ideas, concepts, and perspectives, without judgment or outside pressures.

By providing this safe space, our team is able to foster meaningful connections with youth, while in turn, youth are able to form lasting friendships and bonds with their peers in a positive, inclusive environment.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we are currently able to operate this program at no cost to participants.  There are no membership fees, and all art supplies are provided for youth.

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