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Paige Grift

Graphic Designer

Paige is an adventurous, creative, coffee-loving individual who is passionate about connecting with other people and creating beautiful things. She loves spending time outdoors, finding fun new coffee shops, playing piano, and designing. She grew up playing soccer and going skiing and snowboarding, and has more recently started to enjoy hiking. Paige is very passionate about discovering new beautiful places and wants to experience those things with others!

In Spring 2021, Paige graduated from Trinity Western University with a degree in Media and Communication, focusing on taking graphic design courses and broad communication courses. Through her studies, she found herself drawn to creating designs for non-profit organizations. Her professors at TWU continually reminded her to create designs that brought people together. Several of her projects taught her how impactful graphic design can be and this further sparked her passion to continue to create!

She is very excited about working with GVYU as the graphic designer. Paige is looking forward to collaborating with the whole team, helping make a difference in the lives of youth.

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