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Why Calvin Williams is Sleeping Outside

I’m sleeping outside for one night, so homeless and vulnerable youth can have a lifetime of safety and support.

The team I work with at MY House cares for homeless youth everyday. Typically, there are up to 25 homeless youth in Mission at any given time and we support over 200 vulnerable youth each year.

So many of the youth that YU works with have high-risk factors for homelessness, addiction, gang recruitment, sexual exploitation and extreme poverty. However, we know that early is life-changing.

Youth Unlimited’s loving and practical support can massively decrease those risks and help change the trajectory of a youth’s life. By donating through me, you are unlocking this active and essential prevention work, helping give youth a bright future.

Thank you so much for joining me to give generously!

Thank you for supporting YUnite 2022. Stay tuned for YUnite 2023!