YUNite Outside To support vulnerable youth

For the third year in a row, Youth Unlimited is partnering with the community to raise funds and awareness about the challenges vulnerable youth experience, with a particular focus on homelessness. Funds raised not only help youth who are currently falling through the cracks, but are also invested in critical prevention work among at-risk youth.

Unite and get involved. One night can make a world of difference.

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YUnite Outside Details

Date & Time:
Friday, December 4, 2020 AND
Friday, December 11, 2020
9:00pm to 8:00am

North Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, and At-Home Outdoor Spaces

(In accordance with COVID-19 safety protocols)

Top Fundraisers


  1. $5,750
  2. $5,277
  3. $4,537
  4. $3,572
  5. $3,494
  6. $3,014
  7. $2,603
  8. $2,552
  9. $2,152
  10. $2,002
  11. $1,571
  12. $1,400
  13. $1,285
  14. $1,248
  15. $1,051
  16. $1,015
  17. $1,002
  18. $807
  19. $782
  20. $612
  21. $608
  22. $531
  23. $500
  24. $350
  25. $306
  26. $300
  27. $300
  28. $275
  29. $210
  30. $200
  31. $200
  32. $16
  33. $11
  34. $0



YUNite Outside will operate in accordance with British Columbia’s COVID-19 protocol and guidelines, providing the utmost safety and protection possible for our participants.


We are ensuring a safe and rewarding event for our YUNite Outside participants. From physical distancing measures to the 50 persons limit, we want you to combat youth homelessness with a peace of mind.


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About Youth Unlimited

Youth Unlimited has been helping vulnerable and at-risk youth across the Fraser Valley for decades. When it comes to homelessness, PREVENTION is the key.

Many of our youth have high risk-factors for homelessness, addiction, gang recruitment, sexual exploitation and extreme poverty, but early intervention can massively decrease those risks and give youth a bright and hopeful future. Consistent mentorship is one of YU’s key transformational strategies.

Our Work With Homeless Youth

One of our biggest programs supporting currently homeless youth is the Mission Youth House (MY House). This innovative youth resource centre—located in the Fraser Valley where 19% of the homeless population are youth—gives youth access to medical help, laundry, showers, nutritious meals, and basic hygienic necessities in a safe space designed for them.

Further work supporting homeless and at-risk youth east of the bridge occurs in Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge and Chilliwack.

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