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Why Lifeteams is Sleeping Outside

Home is meant to be a place of safety and belonging but that's not a reality for many young people. Recent homeless counts in Greater Vancouver tell the story of almost 700 teens with no consistent place to call home. But homelessness reaches beyond having a bed to sleep in. It is being without the safety and security we were meant to find in a place of cherished belonging.

At Lifeteams School of Youth Outreach, we believe that no teen should be homeless. That's why we're passionate about connecting vulnerable young people with youth workers who can provide belonging and hope through relationships that matter. We're sleeping outside for one night to raise awareness of the situation too many youths are in, night after night. Your contribution can help Youth Unlimited invest in critical prevention work amongst vulnerable youth. We're sleeping outside, so they don't have to.

At this time we are not accepting donations for this event but are looking forward to your support later this year.