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Thank you to our amazing contributors!

Madeline Hait - $50

Abby Erickson - $100

Dora Komlodi - $30

Michelle Torres - $30

Rachel sousa - $100

Why Rachel Sousa is Sleeping Outside

I’m sleeping outside because no youth should have to sleep on the street. Homelessness, addiction, sexual exploitation, and poverty have no place in the Kingdom of God, so as His hands and feet, we are called to be faithful in bringing heaven down. It’s inspiring to me, that Youth Unlimited is committed to loving youth with practical support that can change the trajectory of youths’ lives. It’s work that brings hope and futures to lives of young people. By donating to our team, you are unlocking this active and essential prevention work, helping give youth a bright future. Thank you so much for joining us to give generously.
YUnite 2023 is now over. Thank you for another incredible, life-changing year in support of our youth! Stay tuned for YUnite 2024.