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Why Rick Bayer is Sleeping Outside

M— is a middle aged man who slept outside of our church building this summer. He sometimes would ring the church door bell when he woke up and we’d bring him tea and some breakfast. We’d phone the shelters later in the morning to find him a possible bed. There was NEVER a shelter bed available on the days I called.

Because of people like M—, I’m going to sleep outside on Friday Dec. 4th in our church parking lot as part of Youth Unlimited’s Unite Outside event. I want to support Youth Unlimited in their work with youth so that there are no more ‘M—’s who have to sleep in church parking lots.

I invite you to donate $30 towards this cause. I’m looking for 100 people to contribute $30 each so I can raise $5000 towards keeping the hundreds of Metro Vancouver youth off the streets.

To be honest, I was hesitant to join in this cause. Why? Because where do I go to the bathroom! Each night at around 4 or 5 am, I take the 7 steps to the bathroom to do my business. But on Friday Dec. 4th, what do I do? The Husky next door closes early, the Mcdonalds down the street is no longer open 24 hours. I could use my key to get in the church building but M—— doesn’t have that option. I cannot imagine the stress of living with the ‘where do I sleep' or 'where do I go pee’ questions. But hundreds of youth face this dilemma every single night. I will only feel a portion of their stress for one night.

Thanks for donating,