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Thank you to our amazing contributors!

Anonymous - $250

Zack Staples - $100

Kevin Vandergaag - $1,000

Anonymous - $10,001

Jill Searle - $250

Shar Abbasi - $201

Gurtej Dhillon - $201

Marc Gager - $500

Will Watson - $261

Anonymous - $500

CWL Contracting Ltd Jared Krahn - $2,501

Why Caliber Projects is Sleeping Outside

At Caliber Projects, we LOVE BUILDING PEOPLE - we just happen to also do Construction. We are a Construction Management and General Contracting group of A-players in the Fraser Valley of BC. This year, we're sleeping outside again with Youth Unlimited to raise funds for vulnerable youth in our community.

In April 2020, Vancouver's official homeless count found that there were nearly 700 youth (age 13-24) homeless in Metro Vancouver. Hundreds to thousands more experience episodic homelessness and are considered precariously or inappropriately housed, experiencing what is known as ‘hidden homelessness.’ 

This figures only begin to paint a bigger picture. Thousands of more youth throughout the Greater Vancouver area struggle with issues like poverty, food insecurity, mental health issues, and drug addiction.

By making a donation to our team, you are continuing Youth Unlimited’s active and essential prevention work with homeless and vulnerable youth, providing tangible help, caring support and a way out.

We're giving up one night, so these youth can have a lifetime. Please support us by donating generously!

YUnite Outside 2021 is now over. Coming soon is YUnite Outside Nov 2022