Young Families is inviting you to come alongside us to see families restored and lives transformed.  Let’s work together to provide a community of care and support to young moms and dads when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Sign up to be a hiker or donate to cheer on a hiker and help Young Families raise the funds needed to help young moms and dads move out of isolation and into long term healthy relationship.

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How it works:


We’re hiking on June 22 to raise funds for the young parents we support. The more we raise, the higher we’ll go!

To get involved, choose from one of the options below.

Sign up to be a Hiker:

  • Share this fundraiser with your community and invite them to donate
  • Choose the hike(s) you want to do, and depending on the total amount raised, hike the most difficult trail (out of the ones you chose)
  • All hikes will begin at Cypress Mountain. There will have a specific start time and we will be hiking in teams
  • Hikers are invited to join us at the celebration BBQ afterwards (June 22, 5pm)

Donate to cheer on a hiker:

  • All proceeds goes to support the Young Families Programs
  • Cheerleaders are invited to join us at the celebration BBQ afterwards (June 22, 5pm)



Young Families welcomes pregnant and parenting youth into a caring, safe and supportive environment, providing practical assistance alongside hope and love.

From professional counselors, compassionate ‘ears’ to talk to, babysitters, life-skills and mentoring, Young Families is dedicated to seeing these young women and men brought to a place of health and wellness as they enter this new journey.


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