About YU’s Chilliwack Programs 

The newest area of Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited’s outreach, our Chilliwack team provides support to youth throughout the city, through partnerships with schools, churches, and local partners.

School Support

Currently, YU runs two programs for vulnerable youth in schools across Chilliwack.

Monday Morning Hot Breakfast Program –  At Kwiyegel Alternative Secondary School. In partnership with Central Community Church, this program supports at-risk by giving them access to nutritional food. From these breakfasts, youth often become more connected with YU programs, getting access to more support and guidance from youth workers.

Hangout – an innovative afterschool program at Chilliwack Middle School. Youth involved with the programs are selected by the administration and counselling staff of the school as being particularly vulnerable. They are registered for the year, and spend Wednesday afternoon in a proactive, safe, and fun community environment. Hangout is part of a network of 8 churches that run afterschool programs in 4 elementary and 3 middle schools across Chilliwack.

These programs aim to allow youth to experience positive adult and peer relationships (sometimes for the first time) in inclusive environments. Youth are supported, mentored, loved, and given new opportunities, which – for many of these students – can be life changing.


Creating innovative ways to love on youth is one of our guiding principles in youth ministry. Our mobile drop-in center model has allowed Youth Unlimited to meet youth where they are at. In Abbotsford and Chilliwack, this mobility allows us to reach more communities across the cities, creating connection points with hundreds of youth. Running every week, there is a dedicated team surrounding the the TRUCK with everything from youth works to prayer to snacks.  It is truly a collaborative effort. We are incredibly grateful to our friends, family, and partners who have supported this initiative.


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