In Rwanda, public education is crippled by a severe lack of resources. Because of this, kids from the poorest backgrounds often receive a poor education and don’t get the chance to escape from the poverty that surrounds them.

Kigali Christian School (KCS), a private school operated by Rwanda Youth for Christ, aims to provide excellent education to train leaders in all fields to move Rwanda forward — not only helping the children and their families, but the country as a whole. The vision is to raise a generation that has a heart for peace, equality & justice. While KCS seeks to keep their fees low, approximately 20% of the students cannot afford to pay. Student sponsorship has allowed KCS to offer scholarships to these children who otherwise could not afford the quality education that they provide.

Since 2005, people from the Youth for Christ family around the world have been partnering with KCS to help them educate this new generation of Rwandan students. Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited collaborates with Rwanda YFC & KCS to facilitate sponsorships from around the world, supporting KCS’s vision for quality education regardless of socio-economic status.

It costs approximately $600 a year to support a child’s education at Kigali Christian School. Sponsoring a child for $50 per month helps provide school supplies, lunch every day for students who might not otherwise have a decent meal, and an excellent Christian education by loving teachers. By sponsoring one of these students, you can be a part of the change, giving them the key to their future — a good education in a loving and respectful environment.

Sponsoring Opportunity: