About YU’s Mission Programs  

Within the city of Mission, there are a disproportionate number of at-risk, vulnerable, and homeless youth, compared to the rest of BC. The number of Indigenous youth is roughly twice the national average, with many of these youth dealing with the effects of intergenerational trauma. Further, low-income and unsafe family environments contribute to number of youth in Mission seeking support and guidance, which continues to rise. However, there is a strong spirit of collaboration in Mission, with many agencies and volunteers working hard together to provide holistic care for youth. YU in Mission is a leader in these efforts.

YU has a long and rich history of ministry in Mission. Our staff are actively involved in the middle, high, and alternative schools in Mission, while also contributing to youth programming for the District of Mission. In addition to our community outreach, YU in Mission runs Jesters Theatre, while helping run and maintain MYHouse, two valuable pillars of support for youth in Mission.


Mission Youth (MY) House is a collaborative program between several advisory organizations, including Youth Unlimited. Serving as a safe place for youth of all backgrounds, MY House has impacted the lives of hundreds of young people –  providing support services, meals, showers/hygiene products, and medical care.

Throughout the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, MY House transitioned into a temporary overnight shelter to provide relief services, and is now transitioning back into a day home to support youth.

Youth Unlimited youth workers are active at MY House, providing counselling, support, and guidance for youth seeking the shelter of the house.

Jesters Theatre

Jesters Theatre is a safe place to love theatre. Since 2011, Jesters has worked with kids and teens from throughout the Fraser Valley, to provide a community that supports their creative development and God-given talents.

Yearly, we run summer camps, dance classes, writing workshops, leadership development training, and an annual, full-scale production for which we pull out all the stops. 

All skill and interest levels are welcome here. No matter which path these youth take in their future, at the end of the day, the self-confidence and strength of identity that comes from engaging in the Jesters Theatre community produce positive, transferable skills that benefit our kids in all areas of their lives.


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