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Aidan Rettich

Jesters Youth Worker

Aidan is a sincere lover of all things theatre, so when offered the chance to work at Jesters Theatre after being a student since 2016 he jumped at the opportunity. He loves to sing and dance and spread God’s joy to everyone around him, acting for fun & to express himself & to bring praise to his Saviour. He has a very goofy sense of humour, and takes any opportunity to bring up whichever running joke has taken his fancy at the time.

Aidan has a heart for the youth and loves making genuine connections with the students. He has an open mind that is willing to listen and learn from those around him, especially his mentor, Ryan Scramstad. Thanks to Ryan, and his other Jesters co-workers Michelle and Emma, he is always trying new things without fear of the shame of failing. His constant pursuit of a worshipful lifestyle creates a fun atmosphere in the office and a safe space for the youth to learn through failure.

When he’s not preparing or running rehearsals, Aidan can likely be found hanging out with his buddies around Mission or playing video games online.

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