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Lara Keen

Central Office Manager

Growing up going to church, Lara knew she wanted to make a difference but wasn’t sure how. Prior to joining YU, she bounced around between school and work trying to find where she belonged.

Fueled by a passion for people, organization, and creativity, Lara found a purpose within theater
during her university years. Whether she was acting, stage managing, designing costumes, or crafting sets, she thrived on the diversity of tasks and making things run seamlessly behind the scenes.

Her journey led her to the role of Office Manager at the Central Office, where she delights in working behind the scenes. Lara is passionate about the difference YU youth workers make and finds fulfillment in supporting them as they do all God has called them to do.

Outside the office, Lara enjoys moments spent with friends and family, sipping on coffee, and hitting the gym.

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