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Numerous programs provide our youth with introductory leadership development in countless fields and hobbies. However, YU’s flagship leadership programs are Lifeteams, and The Elevation Experience. Elevation develops youth leaders who are involved in Youth Unlimited’s programs, whereas Lifeteams is a unique post-secondary education, training young adults from across Canada to become outstanding youth workers.

Specializing in community youth work, Lifeteams is a place where young adults spend eight months being equipped in relational youth work and experience-based learning while obtaining college-level courses and mentorship. Find out more on the Lifeteams page.

The Elevation Experience is a full-fledged 18-month leadership development program that includes several weeks support YU’s sister organization in Rwanda. Youth who have an interest in poverty, justice and international development are given the opportunity to learn, grow and develop their leadership potential, both in Canada and in a developing world context. Curious now? Find out more at the Elevation Experience page.

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