#PSMEX15 Blog #3: Jaylen + Makena Talk Show


Hola friends and family,

Welcome to the Jaylen and Makena talk show.  Read along and you can join us on our trip (sort of).   Jaylen, who is seventeen years old, goes to Richmond Christian School and likes to play volleyball in her spare time.  Her co-host, Makena, is also seventeen and attends Richmond Christian.

Tuesday began with pancakes… and bananas….  and peanut butter (don’t worry mom I didn’t eat the peanut butter -Jay).  Next, we jumped in to the vans to take a trip to a local water park with the kids from Rancho Milagro.  There we spent the day swimming and getting to know them even better.   They sure are a great bunch of kids.  We ate a lunch that one of our duty groups had prepared the evening earlier.  And after, we hit the water again, a lot of us bought a mango on a stick that only cost $3 (best mango ever. Yum!)

On the way back from the water park one of the vans (our van) stopped at Costco to pick up some food for dinner but while we were waiting the battery died so we ended up sitting in the parking lot for an hour inhaling the fumes of Gale’s full diaper (Stephanie Marten’s son).  Luckily, Eric Ens came to the rescue walking through the scorching heat with a spanking new battery from Costco.

When we arrived back at the ranch, the rest of the kids were playing Frisbee, volleyball and cards. We sat down with the ranch kids and had a delicious pizza dinner complete with kale salad – our first veggies of the day (sorry Mom!).

Just like every day after dinner, one of the duty groups washed the dishes while the rest of the group got changed and made their way over to the foot washing station. After everyone had their feet washed we headed over to the chapel with the children so we could worship together and read a story about Jesus and the tax collector. By the way, sales tax in Mexico is 16%.

Foot Washing

After chapel, we went outside and played with the children. The older ones returned to our camp and snacked while we wrote in our journals.  We ended the evening with a campfire, sang some songs and listened while Haley told a touching and meaningful testimony of her life and all the ways God has shown Himself to her.  The day was full of fun and hard work, where the bonds between each and every member grew stronger.

Thanks for tuning in to the Jaylen and Makena talk show!

Special bonus nacho section from Graham:

Work Projects of the Day

Our work projects continue to hum along quite nicely. Currently our work includes clearing a fire break, painting the boy’s dorm, tiling boy’s washroom, and flooring girl’s dorm.  There’s still some work being done scraping and painting flashing repair work on the chapel roof.  People typically return from these tasks quite hungry and very dirty.

Thanks for your continued interest in PSMEX15.

Oooo….Working hard on the Fire Break

Bonus Pictures from Ensenada Market 

(Find out more about the market in our next blog…)

Posted on August 5, 2015