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Why Iona Snair is Sleeping Outside

I'm sleeping outside because I choose to but so many others don't have that choice. The most recent homeless count in April told us that almost 700 youth in metro Vancouver alone are disconnected from safe housing and living on the streets. In Canada, that translates into thousands. Many many more young people may have houses to live in but are truly "homeless" - without the safety and security that home is meant to provide. This isn't right. This isn't the way it's meant to be. Sleeping outside for one night doesn't come close to reflecting the difficult realities many young people live with daily, but perhaps it's a chance to remember that the things we take for granted are only a dream for others.

Through Lifeteams, we are passionate about inviting vulnerable youth into relationships where they can experience hope and "home". Lifeteams works with Youth Unlimited to not only help youth who are currently falling through the cracks, but to provide critical prevention work among at-risk youth. When you contribute in whatever amount you can, you become part of that.

Thank you.

At this time we are not accepting donations for this event but are looking forward to your support later this year.