Youth Unlimited in Surrey 


Youth Unlimited in Surrey serves in the community by developing long term relationships with young people who are facing a multitude of barriers.  Our goal is to work through these barriers, breaking the cycle of poverty to facilitate the restoration of families and communities. A large part of our invited role in youth’s lives is to provide healthy adult connections, and support in gaining access to essential items, nutrition and travel where needed amongst their wide array of lived experiences. 

Besides our dedicated programs borne out of the needs and movements of Surrey youth (see below), Surrey youth workers are heavily invested in working alongside the Surrey School District. This is via deeply valued and established relationships with school and/or district administration. Present in a wide-array of classes, staff build supportive relationships with vulnerable youth aimed at their ultimate flourishing. We also partner with particular school and district programs by way of transportation, practical support and a youth work presence.

Living Hope Church

A longstanding partner of YU, Living Hope is a community church who run programs for youth in North Surrey. We share a like-minded ministry approach which prioritizes responsive, wraparound and practical support to families in our neighbourhood. This partnership has cultivated a sort of home base uniquely situated to see the healing and strengthening of the community it is a part of. Living Hope also works alongside inner city schools and organizations providing supportive expertise.

Skate Night

Skate Night engages youth, volunteers and staff with a shared passion of skateboarding and invites them into life experiences beyond their daily routine. The staff and volunteer team build supportive, encouraging relationships with youth who have found their community at the skate park, while also providing opportunities to explore a world outside their city limits.

Whether day trips adventuring up British Columbia’s coast or weeklong overnights to skate competitions, memories are made to last a lifetime. Committed to reflect the shifting nature of the skating community, Skate Night prioritizes inclusivity, mutual support and respect.

Young Families

The world of a young parent can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, especially without support. Young Families is committed to seeing families restored and lives transformed.

We provide a community of care and support to young moms and dads when they’re at their most vulnerable. Young Families is a dedicated group with a vision to radically change lives and restore families. We provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for parenting youth, aged 12 to 24.

Young Guns Garage

Young Guns Garage is all about connecting with young people in Greater Vancouver around a shared passion. We equip, educate and empower through projects and sharing in like-minded community together. Using mechanics and working hands-on, we journey together building skills, confidence and growing in our overall health and wellbeing.


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