Whether a young person is street-entrenched or lives in a fancy house, we are finding vulnerable youth around every corner. And so much of a young person’s struggle might be invisible to the naked eye; so, we dig-in to both the dark and the hopeful places, often over the course of years and years. And we keep going.”

Andrew Chong, Vancouver area director


About Youth Unlimited Vancouver

Our 10-person staff team – backed by hundreds of partners, volunteers, and advocates – is honoured to serve youth (ranging from ages 10 to 25) in a number of communities around Vancouver. These young people face a myriad of vulnerabilities: from an onslaught of mental health struggles, to various forms of abuse and/or exploitation, to severe trauma—and everything in between. Youth Unlimited Vancouver outreach workers meet youth on their turf, creating experiences and connection points that are relevant, innovative, and fun. And, most importantly: we’re in it for the long-haul.

To meet the needs of these vulnerable youth in the city, there are two main areas in Vancouver where our staff work: East Vancouver, and the North Shore. In these cities, we run a number of collaborative, unique, and long-running programs.


Creative Life

Creative Life is a community arts initiative that engages youth ages 15 to 25 who face the challenges of homelessness, poverty, and addiction. At Creative Life, we celebrate the creativity and resourcefulness of youth living on the margins, through workshops, mentorship, and our open studio.

Through engagement in the arts, we provide opportunities in a safe space for creative discovery, expression, and community involvement while enabling youth to find belonging and discover their capacity, identity, and purpose.

Mountain Life

Mountain Life creates opportunities for youth ages 12 to 25 to experience mountain adventures. Getting outside and being surrounded by trees and mountains is something that can bring a sense of peace, perspective, and clarity which is easily lost in city life.

Our team of volunteers and staff are stoked to share their love of the outdoor playground that lies just outside the city. We embark on activities such as hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding, to bring hope and guidance to young people who struggle to navigate life in the massive labyrinth called city life.

North Shore Outreach

Youth Unlimited North Shore outreach workers support the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of young people, ages 10 to 24. More than 120 individuals, families, and local businesses – as well as grant funders Neptune Terminals, United Way, and City of North Vancouver – partner with the program’s wide-ranging activities: Mobile Youth Drop-In, 1:1 mentorship, art, music, meals, outdoor adventures, and travel opportunities.

YU on the North Shore is committed to its 20-year reputation as an asset to the City of North Vancouver, high schools, local businesses, fellow youth agencies and non-profit groups, families, community volunteers, and a wide network of young people.

Vancouver Outreach

Vancouver Outreach exists to create safe spaces of belonging for young people aged 10-25. We do this through relationships, sharing meals together, going outside, and providing opportunities for young people to flourish in all areas of their life. Our weekly programs and moments of connection consist of Hub Drop-In’s, Friday Program, Hiking Club, school support, and countless 1:1 youth meetings. We are committed to showing up and being a consistent presence of love and care in their life.


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