Calvin Williams

Mission Area Director

Not many men can say they enjoy housework, but for Calvin, it is the perfect way to unwind. “I love to cook and do it for creative expression and stress relief. For me, cooking and housework and the perfect podcast are relaxing.” Calvin’s love for creative expression also played into his past careers as an art glass blower and web designer before meeting his wife who threatened to dump him if he didn’t join Youth Unlimited. They were dating at the time and she didn’t want to commit to a guy who would abandon the obvious. She could see YU was perfectly aligned with Calvin’s
deepest passions and fundraising fears should not be a barrier to that.

“I am driven to meet the needs of and tenderly care for the most vulnerable youth- the homeless, sexually exploited and forgotten.”

In his role as area director in Mission, Calvin supervises and leads staff, oversees community partnerships, and coordinating grants and training opportunities for all Youth Unlimited staff. No matter his task, Calvin’s work has one focus: to reach and help the youth in his community.

“I do what I do based on the innate motivators and passions within me. These include a strong sense of empathy for youth and feeling a strong sense of responsibility to whom God has called me—the most vulnerable youth in my community.”

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