Proactive Support for Extreme Vulnerability

In the past few years, Youth Unlimited has been able to proactively expand its reach to youth caught in systems promoting extreme vulnerability. We provide support to youth aging out of foster care, those released from juvenile detention centers, those affected by or in danger of sex trafficking, and those involved in gang activity or at risk of gang recruitment. These challenging situations are often complex and fraught with difficulty. The youth involved generally require significant support from multiple sources, but most often they are the ones first to be neglected, over-looked or blamed by the system. This is currently a small area of YU focus in much need of growth, but Youth Unlimited is working hard to build relationships and provide practical help where resourced to do so.

Locations: Abbotsford, Langley, Mission, Surrey, Vancouver

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Our experienced staff are deeply committed and caring. Guided by values of compassion, integrity and servitude, they have an extraordinary ability to connect with youth and help them along life’s path.


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