Critical Nutrition, Surrounded by Community

YU meals provide much-needed nutrition — most often in a family-style setting. This meets not only a key physical need but critical communal and familial support as well.

According to The Grocery Foundation, beyond the obvious improvements in health and nutrition awareness, students accessing school breakfast programs like YU’s are less likely to exhibit disruptive behaviour and are more likely to be on track to graduate. Many of YU’s meals (especially dinners) are provided in a family-style setting where youth and staff eat the same thing, at the same time, around a table — something that a shocking number of kids have gone their entire childhood without.

Beyond nutritional needs, YU provides everything from clothing to sleeping bags, toiletries to transit, as needed and as available by donation.

Locations: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver

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Our experienced staff are deeply committed and caring. Guided by values of compassion, integrity and servitude, they have an extraordinary ability to connect with youth and help them along life’s path.


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Every dollar makes a difference at YU. Thanks to low overhead and the maximization discounted and gifted vendor relationships, YU stretches each dollar to often double or triple its value.