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Joyce Chen

Financial Processor

On paper, Joyce Chen fulfills the role of Financial Processor with YU, but for this fan of K-dramas and financial wizard, she sees her position as one of ‘tent-making’, like Priscilla and Aquila in the Bible. Joyce finds the behind-the-scenes work of these two biblical characters — as they laboured to support Paul as he performed his public ministry — as the standard for her own work with YU. Though often unseen, Joyce’s work is integral to the YU staff of youth workers as they serve their communities. From Joyce’s point of view, “Each one of us is using our gifts to accomplish God’s assignments”.

She first came to YU through her husband, Tombert — who is also on staff at YU! Before working with YU, Joyce graduated from seminary and began a family. Joyce loves the people she works with and finds a lot of inspiration from her colleagues and friends at YU.

When she has some free time, Joyce loves to play games with her kids, read a good book, or putter in the garden.


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Every dollar makes a difference at YU. Thanks to low overhead and the maximization discounted and gifted vendor relationships, YU stretches each dollar to often double or triple its value.