Dave Wiebe

Youth Worker

I was motivated to work with teens in crisis. I wanted to be preventive by working with young people before they got stuck in destructive ruts of addiction.”


Having faced his own rocky teen years, Dave knows the value of mentorship and support through the younger years of life. That’s why in 1994, Dave joined YU and has since been working to create “relationships and opportunities where youth workers can mentor and disciple vulnerable young people that do not know Jesus.”


With YU, Dave and his team have used creative ways to reach different cultures. In recent years, he and his coworkers began a ministry for the Punjabi speaking community and an outdoor adventure ministry for parents with their kids.
But no matter the background of the youth, Dave is out to help vulnerable young people live and healthy lives and get to know Jesus.


“I love the idea of helping young people experience healthy lives, spiritually, physically and relationally.”


Dave loves adventure. Whether it is climbing a mountain with one of his three teenagers, finding a spot to camp with his wife or enjoying some solo-snorkelling, he loves the outdoors and the opportunity that lies in it.


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